NOC LEVEL 中文名称 英文名称
1111 A 财务审计师和会计师 Financial auditors and accountants
1112 A 财务及投资分析员 Financial and investment analysts
1113 A 证券代理,投资交易商和经纪商 Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers
1114 A 其他财务人员 Other financial officers
1121 A 人力资源专业人士 Human resources professionals
1122 A 企业管理咨询的专业职业 Professional occupations in business management consulting
1123 A 广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
2111 A 物理学家和天文学家 Physicists and astronomers
2112 A 化学家 Chemists
2113 A 地质学家和海洋学家 Geoscientists and oceanographers
2114 A 气象学家和气候学家 Meteorologists and climatologists
2115 A 物理科学其他专业职业 Other professional occupations in physical sciences
2121 A 生物学家及相关科学家 Biologists and related scientists
2122 A 林业专业人员 Forestry professionals
2123 A 农业代表,顾问和专家 Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists
2131 A 土木工程师 Civil engineers
2132 A 机械工程师 Mechanical engineers
2133 A 电气和电子工程师 Electrical and electronics engineers
2134 A 化学工程师 Chemical engineers
2141 A 工业和制造工程师 Industrial and manufacturing engineers
2142 A 冶金与材料工程师 Metallurgical and materials engineers
2143 A 矿业工程师 Mining engineers
2144 A 地质工程师 Geological engineers
2145 A 石油工程师 Petroleum engineers
2146 A 航天工程师 Aerospace engineers
2147 A 计算机工程师(软件工程师和设计师除外) Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2148 A 其他专业工程师,n.e.c. Other professional engineers, n.e.c.
2151 A 建筑师 Architects
2152 A 景观建筑师 Landscape architects
2153 A 城市规划和土地使用规划师 Urban and land use planners
2154 A 土地测量师 Land surveyors
2161 A 数学家,统计学家和精算师 Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
2171 A 信息系统分析师和顾问 Information systems analysts and consultants
2172 A 数据库分析师和数据管理员 Database analysts and data administrators
2173 A 软件工程师和设计师 Software engineers and designers
2174 A 计算机程序员和互动媒体开发 Computer programmers and interactive media developers
2175 A 网页设计师和开发人员 Web designers and developers
3011 A 护理协调员及主管 Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors
3012 A 注册护士及注册精神科护士 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
3111 A 专科医师 Specialist physicians
3112 A 全科医生和家庭医生 General practitioners and family physicians
3113 A 牙医 Dentists
3114 A 兽医 Veterinarians
3121 A 视光师 Optometrists
3122 A 脊医(按摩疗法医生) Chiropractors
3124 A 同盟初级保健医生 Allied primary health practitioners
3125 A 其他专业的健康诊断和治疗职业 Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating
3131 A 药剂师 Pharmacists
3132 A 营养师和营养学家 Dietitians and nutritionists
3141 A 听觉病矫治专家和语音语言病理学家 Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
3142 A 物理治疗师 Physiotherapists
3143 A 职业治疗师 Occupational therapists
3144 A 其他专业的职业治疗和评估 Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment
4011 A 大学教授和讲师 University professors and lecturers
4012 A 大专的教学和研究助理 Post-secondary teaching and research assistants
4021 A 学院和其他职业教师 College and other vocational instructors
4031 A 中学教师 Secondary school teachers
4032 A 小学和幼儿园教师 Elementary school and kindergarten teachers
4033 A 教育辅导员 Educational counsellors
4111 A 法官 Judges
4112 A 律师和魁北克公证人 Lawyers and Quebec notaries
4151 A 心理学家 Psychologists
4152 A 社会工作者 Social workers
4153 A 家庭,婚姻和其他相关的辅导员 Family, marriage and other related counsellors
4154 A 宗教专家职业 Professional occupations in religion
4155 A 缓刑和假释人员及相关行业 Probation and parole officers and related occupations
4156 A 就业辅导员 Employment counsellors
4161 A 自然和应用科学政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers
4162 A 经济学家和经济政策研究人员和分析师 Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts
4163 A 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问 Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants
4164 A 社会政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers
4165 A 卫生政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers
4166 A 教育政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Education policy researchers, consultants and program officers
4167 A 娱乐,体育和健身政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and program officers
4168 A 政府计划官员 Program officers unique to government
4169 A 其他社会科学专员 NEC Other professional occupations in social science, n.e.c.
5111 A 图书管理员 Librarians
5112 A 保管员和馆长 Conservators and curators
5113 A 档案管理员 Archivists
5121 A 作者和作家 Authors and writers
5122 A 编辑 Editors
5123 A 记者 Journalists
5125 A 翻译,术语学家和口译 Translators, terminologists and interpreters
5131 A 制片人,导演,编舞和相关职业 Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations
5132 A 指挥家,作曲家和编曲 Conductors, composers and arrangers
5133 A 音乐家和歌手 Musicians and singers
5134 A 舞者 Dancers
5135 A 演员和喜剧演员 Actors and comedians
5136 A 画家,雕塑家和其他视觉艺术家 Painters, sculptors and other visual artists